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By Monique G on Mar 26, 2019

Manny was very patient and knowledgeable, he helped my husband and I decide what was best for us. During the whole process he was updating us on the installation and keeping us informed. After he followed up to make sure we’re satisfied and make sure everything was going well. Great customer service! And we appreciate Manny and the Audio Express associates!! Thank you. We will definitely come back to upgrade in the future! Rudy & Monique G.

By Roy on Mar 23, 2019

This location installed and alarm on my mustang and didnt put my door panel back on

By Tj Walker on Mar 16, 2019

The manager Manny was great! I came in with a blown fuse and he took it back and fixed everything like new. Provided me updates as they were working and even gave a courtesy call later in the day to make sure everything was good. Great location!

By Steven Duke on Mar 15, 2019

I am very happy with my new radio. We replaced a 2003 GMC deck that had a dead CD player. A couple days after, I had some trouble with the radio not booting up properly. Manny, the manager said to bring it in and he would do whatever was needed to make it right . It was somewhat troubling to not get it fixed on the first try but I am not a stranger to variant electrical problems. The problem is hard to solve if it isn't happening at that moment . Manny and his crew hung in there and found the bad wire and a new controller and did not charge for any extra time or parts . Everything is working great and I plan on coming back in with my other vehicle so that I have matching radios. Glad to have Bluetooth added to my ride along with a good CD player!

By rakeisha Robinson on Mar 15, 2019

So I just picked up my Tahoe and I am beyond happy I cant complain at all no disappointments none what so ever I love my system I greatly appreciate the bomb service 10 stars for me screw 5 thank you a million times over

By Sly Villareal on Mar 11, 2019

They just soured this experience

By Sly Villareal on Mar 10, 2019

The just soured this experience

By Jaime Ponce on Mar 08, 2019

By jackie greer on Mar 08, 2019

Manny is awesome!!!! I bought a kenwood system from Audio Express a few years ago and I love it. But I did something to it and I couldn't figure it out so I called Manny said come on in and he fixed it for me he is truly a asset to the company Thanks again Manny

By Marla Reyes on Mar 06, 2019

Best spot by far && good prices i love the service fast and easy. You cant beat this place !! ❤✌

By Stacey Moore on Mar 05, 2019

Waited inline for over an hour and didnt even get acknowledged. A simple were busy but will be right with you goes a long way. So we just left taking my business elsewhere.

By Stacey Moore on Mar 03, 2019

Waited inline for over an hour and didnt even get acknowledged. A simple were bust but will be right woth you goes a long way. So we just left taking my business elsewhere.

By Mike mike on Mar 02, 2019


By WILLIE BROWN on Mar 02, 2019

By rohclem 1234 on Mar 02, 2019

By Denver Blanco on Feb 26, 2019

Wouldn't think i will still be sitting here waiting after 6 hrs just to install a woofer and amp.11:40 am and it's now 6:00pm and still waiting. No need to come back here to these clowns. What a joke to spend my money here.

By Joshua Smith on Feb 22, 2019

Quick return on my car alarm system. Manny was awesome and kept me updated every step of the way. Very cheap and affordable. Thanks again guys!

By Lucy L. on Feb 17, 2019

I went there yesterday 2/15  for a speaker swap... the manager MANNY helped me beyond measure... even took the time to show me how to set my stero settings... his new start was very helpful... sorry I forgot his name lol... but I appreciate everything...  highly recommended...

By jay key on Feb 16, 2019

Yooo dude manny quoted me asap and i took his time from other customers i appreciate the time and definately will get a system there.

By cody ebato on Feb 15, 2019

Manny is the man! I came in there looking for a wire harness for my deck but could never find one so he helped me using his own tools and took the time out of his day to make sure i was more than satisfied. I would recomend this place to anyone looking to get any sounds installed